Meet MaVie Café

Linda Berry and Guillaume Bonzon MaVie's founders have been close friends for thirty five years and their interest in healthy, nutritious and delicious food has had them collaborate in developing concepts and recipes.

Their goal is to bring healthy flavorful food with high nutritional value to consumers without sacrificing convenience, pleasure or health.

MaVie Café takes the best of the past, which suits todays taste proposing; noble, natural confection, simple with complex undertones

MaVie Café concept is inspired by places where the founders lived and travelled such as Paris, Geneva, Florence, Barcelona, and Lisbon.

The Crepes Kitchen: offers traditional Crêpes and Galettes revisited, delicious downsized portions with nutritionally synergistic super food fillings.

Baked Goods boutique: MaVie invented a new way of cooking baked goods with a focus on the nutritional benefits contributed by each ingredient. Bakery classics are reformulated. MaVie has set the gold standard for healthy eating.

When you walk through MaVies doors, the desire to take off your jacket, sit down in good company, relax and enjoy a moment with friends and family await you.

"Finally an Intelligent Crêpe"

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  • Savory Crepes
    Old Fashion

    w/ country ham, gruyere, emmental, poached egg

    Salmon Sensation

    w/ premium smoked salmon, creme of horseradish, lemon dressing, chives


    w/ prosciutto crudo, burrata, heirloom tomato, arugula, pesto, aged balsamic vinegar

    Short Ribs

    w/ slow cooked bbq short ribs, sweet corn, cream of avocado and lime

    Balanced Burger

    w/ Top sirloin, caramelized onions, raclette cheese, MaVie secret sauce, iceberg lettuce

    MaVie Benedict

    w/ country ham, poached egg, hollandaise sauce (WE only)


    w/ fingerling potatoes, raclette cheese, prosciutto crudo, cornichons, pearl onions

  • Salads

    w/ frisée, bacon, buckwheat croutons, chives, shallots, poached egg, red wine vinegar dressing


    w/ arugula, spinach, kasha, goat cheese, pomegranate, pine nuts, balsamic dressing

  • Buckwheat Toasts

    w/ caramelized onions, garlic, anchoives, Kalamata olives


    w/ mashed avocado, citrus, extra virgin olive oil


    w/ country ham, gruyere, heirloom tomato, arugula, creme fraiche, parmesan

  • Sweet Crepes

    w/ premium sugar, butter


    w/ maple syrup, butter


    w/ lemon juice, butter, premium sugar


    w/ local apples ‘’Paso Robles’’, salted caramel, vanila ice cream


    w/ homemade hazelnut spread, caramelized hazelnuts

    Cocoa Heaven

    w/ pure cocoa, premium sugar, wipped cream


Soft opening hours Tue/sun 11am to 6pm
Drop by for a bite to eat or a glass of cider
or wine, for larger groups call ahead to
make a reservation.

345 N La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (323) 413 2322